World Ethanol market

Over the last 10 years, the ethanol market has grown rapidly, mainly due to the support of national governments for biofuels as an environmentally-friendly gasoline substitute.

Out of a world ethanol consumption of around 110 bln litres, around 87 % is fuel ethanol while the rest is non-fuel (beverages, industrial use, cosmetics, etc).


The main benefit of ethanol is in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions when used in transport fuel. The governments of three main consumption areas have indeed made a choice in favor of using biofuels: The United States, Brazil, and the European Union, which represent around 80 % of world consumption. But they also account for 80 % of worldwide production.


New areas, such as the Asia-Pacific region, are gradually increasing biofuel consumption. The International Energy Agency forecasts worldwide biofuel blending in road-transport gasoline at 3.9% by 2020, against 3,5 % at present.