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75008 Paris

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Financial engineering has become a driving force in the development of the Sucres et Denrées Group’s business, allowing it to bring sophisticated solutions to the financial concerns of trading partners.

The role of the Finance Department is to accommodate the financing requirements of the Sucres et Denrées Group’s trading partner.


The department is continuously looking for innovative solutions, and is in close contact with a large network of banks. These include not only the major international banks, but also the local banks, who bring their specialized knowledge of the countries in which they operate to the Sucres et Denrées Group and its clients.

Our Financial Business Analysts are responsible for:


  • supporting the Trading team in their dealings with their commercial counterparts,

  • analyzing the risks attached to the trading operations,

  • finding tools which will allow a mitigation of those risks,

  • negotiating terms and conditions of credit facilities provided by financial institutions.


Our Financial Business Analysts have different regional expertise, which allows intricate knowledge of the specifics of trading counterparties and their environment.