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Trade and Futures

Sugar traders provide a valuable service to producers and consumers of sugar, throughout the various steps of the marketing process.

The Sucres et Denrées Group’s size and the wide range of its traders’ experience in both raw and white sugar enable the Group to offer clients the best possible trading solutions.

Innovative strategies for trading on the futures and physical markets are devised using the
Sucres et Denrées Group’s intricate knowledge of sugar activity around the world.

There are traders specializing in all qualities and types of sugar.

The Sucres et Denrées Group has always been well-positioned to take advantage of the largest producing and consuming markets in the world. Their strong presence in the originating countries such as Brazil and Thailand is combined with an in-depth knowledge of the destination businesses like Russia and Asia.

As one of the major sugar trading houses, the Sucres et Denrées Group is also one of the principal players on the sugar futures markets in New-York and London.

The futures department uses these futures markets in order to hedge against price fluctuation.

In order to provide clients with the best possible service and the most accurate information, the Futures and Derivatives team uses not only sophisticated computer trading tools, but it also has a strong relationship with floor brokers in both London and New York.

Constant communication with these brokers allows the Sucres et Denrées Group to keep clients fully informed with relevant news and information.

Regular technical analysis is available in The Research Market Report section of this web site.