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The operations Department is present at almost every stage of any business transaction conducted with clients, suppliers and other counter parties involved in the Logistical operations.

The role of the operators is to ensure that the terms of the contracts are complied to, which means they are knowledgeable of the international sugar operational techniques in their various aspects.

The highly skilled staff handle many different tasks on Raw/White sugar transported in sacs or in bulk by conventional ships/containers/trucks/train.

Their main responsibilities include:


  • Handling the legal aspects of commercial contracts and ensuring a careful administrative and technical follow-up of the execution of these contracts.
  • Analysis and establishment of payment instruments.
  • Arrangement of the shipping documents required by buyers and negotiation with the banks.
  • Management of the transportation (with fallow up of all prefixing operations) and logistics in order to satisfy clients’ orders with on time delivery of shipments in the best possible conditions.
  • Organisation of reputable Supervision Companies to ensure strict control of the quality, weight and packing of the delivered goods.
  • Arrangements of the best appropriate insurance cover with first class underwriters in order to protect the goods during transportation and transit.
  • Working closely with finance and trade team in order to bring clients innovative solutions in the fields of “just in time” deliveries, warehouse-stock management, etc.
  • Follow up of all accounts up to laytime calculation finalization with all parties.

The target of the operations division is accomplished once the sugar has been safely delivered and duly paid and all accounts settled in due respect of all the parties obligations.