Human Resources

For over 64 years, Sucres et Denrées has been a leader on the worldwide sugar market.

Making the choice of joining the Sucres et Denrées Group is an important step, not only in your career, but also in your life. By chosing the Sucres et Denrées Group, you share its values.


Respect and friendliness have been fundamental values for the Group for over 64 years.


Towards people showing the determination required by ambitious aims and motivating challenges.


The Sucres et Denrées Group is seeking people with a range of talents.


Most importantly, the Group seeks those with a high sense of initiative and entrepreneurial dispositions, as well as multilingual capabilities.


As an economical actor in a fast changing world, the Group also needs staff who are up to date with today’s worldwide economic environment and techniques, and who can also easily adapt to changes.


If our vision appeals to your sense of purpose, please e-mail to :