Established in Switzerland since 1971, Sucden Geneva (previously called Sucge) hosts the Sucres & Denrées ethanol headquarters.

Launched in August 2007, our activity on ethanol has developed on 4 continents and actually we are operative on a worldwide scale. Globally we deal with all types of ethanol from fuel grade to potable & industrial alcohol and with alcohol used in pharmaceutical & perfume industries, according to our customers’ specifications.

Among our strengths that allow us to add value to our customers & suppliers one can mention:

- strong cocktail of trading and risk management expertise

- close relationships with producers that give us access to a wide range of ethanol grades

- global presence allowing us to be near our customers and suppliers

- specialized trading and logistics teams based where ethanol is either produced or consumed

- expertise in logistics, from ocean shipping to storage and denaturing, to distribution by
  trucks, trains and barges

- excellence in quality control, especially in handling food and pharmaceutical grade ethanol

- strong Research & Statistics team covering all feedstock and by-products

- in-depth knowledge of ethanol regulation and sustainability certification

Our origination and sales teams are based in Europe, Brazil: Centre-South (Sao Paulo) and North/North-East (Recife), Chile, Peru, the US (Miami), Hong Kong, India (New Delhi), the Philippines (Manila), Thailand (Bangkok).

We operate storage facilities in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Peru, from which we can load and receive ships, barges, trucks and trains. Our logistics are highly flexible and allow us to cater to the needs of a variety of customers: they include oil majors that we supply with entire shiploads of fuel ethanol as well as clients that take as little as a single truckload per month.