As a consequence of Sucres et Denrées’ early entrance into Russian market in 1993, at the time when the market was being liberalized, the Group has been well positioned to encompass the extensive and numerous changes occurring in this area.

Sucden is one of the 5 main producers of sugar in Russia.


In 2011, Sucden has processed 650.000 tons of refined sugar in its 3 sugar mills.


From this amount 50% were processed from sugar beet and 50% from raw sugar.


Sucden has got 3 sugar mills, Dobrinski (Lipetsk region), Kamenski (Penza region) and Tbiliski (Krasnodar region), around each sugar mills Sucden manage directly farms able to provide 50% of the needs in sugar beet for each sugar mill.


Total and intensively cultivated is around 90.000 Ha of land on which are mainly grown : sugar beet, malting barley, wheat and sunflower.


Investments in sugar mills have been done not only to extend capacity and reduce operating cost but also to achieve high quality sugar in accordance with the requirements of the major international food and beverage producers.


Beside its investments in three sugar mills, with an overall processing capacity of two and half  millions tons of sugar beet. The Group has been investing in intensive farming around these mills, in order to provide 50% of the beet to sugar mills requests.