Sucres et Denrées has 64 years of experience and leadership in sugar trading. Better known as Sucden, the Company has a tradition of strong links with sugar producers and industrial consumers.

The quality of the service provided is enhanced by the level of technical expertise evidenced by Sucden’s teams.


Sucden Paris is one of the world’s largest raw sugar trading companies buying sugar mainly from Brazil, Cuba and Thailand (4 to 5 million tons per year). Sucden supplies sugar refineries in Eastern Europe and the CIS, North and West Africa and the Middle East.


The European desk is currently expanding its trading, import and distribution in the European market (EU-27).


The desk is active in sourcing preferential access sugars (both raw sugar in bulk and bagged direct consumption sugars), and therefore offers its European industrial accounts and the retail market a competitive and alternative of supply.


The European desk also provides a just-in-time solution for white beet sugar (with tailored packaging) in France, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.