Incorporated in the United States in 1961 and based in Miami since 1994, Sucden Americas trades about 1.8 million tons of sugar per year and operates mainly on the American continents and the Philippines.

Sucden Americas is active in several segments of the sugar market:


  • NAFTA Market

Sucden Americas is a leading trader of sugar destined and traded within the NAFTA market (US + Mexico).

Sucden Americas delivers raw sugar to US refineries from origins with preferential access to the US.

Through its recently created joint venture, National Sugar Marketing, Sucden Americas delivers refined sugar originated from Mexico, US, CAFTA and any other country with duty preferential access to a very large number of industrial accounts across the US.


  • World Sugar

Sucden Americas manages the Sucden Group’s world market supply from Central and South American origins such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Argentina.

Sucden Americas is active in both raw and white sugar markets. On the refined market in particular, Sucden Americas has developed a strong expertise in origination, logistics and marketing.

 Central American origins and Colombia benefit from preferred access to premium markets such as the United States, the European Union, Mexico and Taiwan. Sucden Americas, directly and in coordination with Paris headquarters, supplies these key markets and can therefore offer attractive premiums to its suppliers at origin.


  • South America and Caribbean Destinations

Sucden Americas delivers a substantial part of the sugar originated from South and Central America to importing countries in South America and the Caribbean.

Sucden America has established privileged relationships with key industrial accounts in all importing countries within the region providing them competitive supply and efficient logistics.


  • Sucden Americas manages subsidiaries in the following countries:

Mexico , Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Philippines.

Sucden Mexico, Sucden Peru and Sucden Chile are active in local distribution in their respective markets.


Overall, Sucden Americas is involved in all segments of the sugar market and in all sugar qualities and packing in the Americas. This versatility allows Sucden Americas to offer the whole spectrum of market opportunities to sugar producers in the region. It also allows Sucden Americas to manage the various arbitrages   and offer  buyers / importers the most competitive solutions.

In addition to its core sugar business, Sucden Americas has recently developed ethanol and cocoa trading divisions within the US.  The US ethanol desk forms a part of the group’s global ethanol business headquartered in Geneva and the US cocoa desk reports to the group’s main cocoa division based at Sucden’s head office in Paris.